Posted on July 23, 2021

I was in the group of Peace Corps volunteers training for Tunisia. We had our classes at the H-Bar-G Ranch. Our smaller group of architects took our classes at the H Bar G and ate our meals there, but we stayed at another place not far away.

It was an outstanding experience in a gorgeous “to die for” place. The hosts were wonderful and very helpful folks.

On one of our rare “off-days”, I rented a small motorcycle and attempted the mountain road, which actually scared me half to death because the drop offs were very high and the guard rails gave me litte confidence that I wouldn’t kill myself at any moment.

I never questioned the wisdom of the Peace Corps choosing the H-Bar-G Ranch as a training site, but the environment had little to do with the reality of life in Tunisia, although a small portion of the northwest corner of the country was mountainous. Still, we had a wonderful training experience there that I’m certain no one has ever forgotten.

- Roy Lowey-Ball (San Antonio, TX)

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