Posted on June 9, 2022

It was September 1988 when I was a student from Edinburgh on a solo tour of the USA. I stumbled upon this place as I hitch hiked from Denver across the Rockies. I arrived to find what I thought was a large group of people travelling together. It turns out it was just a large group of people from Germany, USA, Netherlands and UK who had only just met at the Ranch and they welcomed me in.

We spent the day hiking up to a beautiful, deep blue, crystal lake and then had a barbecue and ice creams in the evening. I took a picture of the purple night sky - you could see so many stars up there.

A delightful place and a great memory to stumble upon nearly 34 years later!

Hello to Yvonne, Una and Renata (sorry if the spelling is wrong!)

- Graeme King (London, England)

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