Posted on June 2, 2013

I was just reminiscing about my stay at H-Bar G in 1990 and was delighted to find this website. I spent 2 months there in the summer of 1990... it was the best ever. Worked in a restaurant in town called Friars.. think its Wild Rose now.

I was very saddened to here that The wonderful Lou had passed away. The memories of the daily ride in that truck into town and back, the ingenious pulley gate system on entry!!! He was like a Dad for every traveller. I was ill once and he looked up my symptoms in his book... it turned out I either had food poisoning or I was pregnant... As a bloke I think it was the former!!

Many a night spent on that porch watching the storms over Longs Peak, certainly beats any TV show. I remember sitting on the grass looking down the valley thinking how it cant get much better than this... and as a place to be, 23 years on, it doesn't!

Met some wonderful people from all over the world in that kitchen. It was like going to your local pub. Very sad also that the place is no longer running. I dream of taking my family there now. Hope it gets put to good use. I never realised the history went back so far. its lovely to hear of peoples memories from the 60’s etc. I guess it wouldn't be the same without Lou but I’m sure would give many great memories for future travellers.

A great little website!

- Dave Montreal (Bromsgrove, England)

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