Posted on July 5, 2013

I visited the hostel a number of times in the 1970's, 80's, and 90's. People said it was one of the most beautiful hostels in the United States. Not only the wonderful view and rustic cabins but a chance to meet visitors from many parts of the world. All this for only about $14 a night. It took Lou Livingston's hard work and dedication to keep it going. At one time there were around eight hostels in Colorado as part of the American Youth Hostel or Hosteling International network. Currently (in 2013) there are none.

I had no idea that the land and buildings had been in Lou's family since 1933 and I am glad that it is still in the family rather than being subdivided. You can type in "H Bar G Road, Estes Park, Colorado" on Google Maps, enlarge it, go to the end of the road, click on satellite view, and see all the buildings are still there, just as before. But that is not the same as being there in the clean air with wild flowers blooming by the little cabins in the mountain sunlight. Yes, Lou used the site as a Peace Corps training location in the early days of the hostel.

- Steve Brown (Denver, CO)

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