Posted on January 7, 2013

I have so often thought about my stay there over the summer of 1977. A friend and I were riding (motorbikes) around the USA for approx 6 months and met some fantastic people and saw some great places but nothing compares to our stay at the H-Bar-G. We went for a weekend and stayed 6 weeks until closing.

I worked for 4-5 weeks at the Stanley Hotel with some fantastic people, it was fun not work!

I rode up and down the Rocky Mountain highway, climbed Long’s Peak and partied in the bars of Estes Park.

My cabin was called ‘Dunraven’. I recall the farewell BBQ Lou put on near closing, for us last lot of diehards that did not want to leave. Leave we did on the last day!

I recall the chats I had with Lou in the lodge and he was fascinated by some of my Aussie sayings. He had to laugh at them, they were normal to me!

I recall sailing on Lake Estes with a friend Pete and Lou’s daughter, Julie -- if my memory is correct. I also met a beautiful lady there. That was the cherry on the cake!!

Very sad news to hear of Lou’s passing. I will never forget him. I have an excellent photo of him along with many others of the stay at the H-Bar-G Ranch that I will always treasure. I could write a book on this subject!

- Bob Watson (Coffs Harbour, NSW Australia)

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