Posted on March 15, 2009

My name is Faiz M. Faiz and I taught a group of 33 peace corps volunteers in 1969 (June) for 3 months. The hospitality of Lou and Anne Livingston indeed added to the beauty of the H-Bar-G Ranch experience. I am originally from Afghanistan and I graduated from Ball State University. My time at H-Bar-G showed me the wonderful American hospitality and beauty of this country. I remember driving "Woody" everyday to take the peace corps to Estes Park, CO and back to the camp for more language teaching the next day. I will always, as long as I am living, carry the fond memory of H-Bar-G Ranch. Thank you for your website and stirring up great memories! I hope to visit again one day.

- Faiz M. Faiz (Muncie, IN)

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